Re: Navigation between windows stops when you press the Windows key plus a number combination.

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Yep it opens any of the items there in the running applications area. they are not actually open like a window until you say do windows key + 7 then it will come up. That is the one for my anti virus.

The windows key + letter T will take you to the task bar then you can also use the arrow keys to find what you want then press the enter key on it to open it up.

If you do have windows open use the alt/tab key and it will go between 2 windows..

If you keep on holding down the alt key while tabbing it will take you between all windows open.

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On 14/11/2020 9:06 am, Robert Doc Wright godfearer wrote:

the command you mentioned highlights the different items I have recently opened in the task bar. as soon as I press the command it immediately opens.
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maybe you had the same issue and you can help me.

On my task bar at the second position I have the icon of Windows File Manager.

I usually have three or four windows open at the same time of the File Manager, each of which points to a different folder on my computer.

Pressing on the keyboard the shortcut Windows Key plus number 2, I easily open the first File Manager window, and the focus is inside this window.
Pressing Windows Key plus twice number 2 I open the second File Manager window and so on.

So if for example I'm reading something on a web browser window and I want to switch to the second File Manager window, I simply press Window Key plus twice number 2 and the focus moves directly inside this window.

It is a fast and easy way to navigate directly into a specific window.

Basically it works.

But for an unknown reason after some hours I'm working, it doesn't work properly anymore.

This happens:
1. The focus is on a web browser window.
2. I press Windows Key plus number 2 twice.
3. On the task bar is open the preview window of all File Manager windows opened. It is not directly opened the second File Manager window.
Basically it is the same effect as you press Window Key plus T, then you move with the Right arrow on the File Manager window and finally you press Up arrow to enter inside the list of opened File Manager window.
What I have to do at this point is to press left or right key to choose which window I want to open and then press Space Bar key.

It is pretty boring, because I switch continuously from one window to another.

The File Manager window is just an example.
the result it is the same if I have multiple istances of Microsoft Excel window, or Mozilla Firefox window.

I have the feelling it is not depending from the Screen Reader, but it is a Window Operating System issue, maybe a graphic issue?
I've removed all graphic effect, but with no result.

Anyway, somebody who had the same issue solved in some way?

I'm using NVDA at the last version and Windows 10 64 bit last update on a desktop PC.
The same anyway it is also on the laptop with Windows 10.

Thanks a lot.

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