Using Google Voice Webpage with NVDA


First, if you are not already a Google Voice user and have a Google Voice phone number, feel free to mute this topic almost immediately.  What I am about to ask is not about how to use Google Voice, per se, because I do so all the time, but about getting NVDA to "play nice," if possible, with the page for one's Google Voice calling/texting/voicemail as well as the two tabs for archiving and reporting spam.

If I go through the page with NVDA active, via point and click, when I land on the control for "Call" it says, "Call tab selected,"  Note, this is not a browser tab, nor is it presented in the way that tabs are conventionally presented.  I have yet to find a way to do a quick navigation to any of them, though brute force tabbing (or shift+tabbing) always ends up with these controls as part of the traversal.

I also have not figured out, exactly, when it is that NVDA is going to handle the C keyboard shortcut for looking for a combo box versus passing it to Google Voice as a shortcut for "make a call," which it is when Google Voice has control.  Depending on where I have focus on the screen, it sometimes acts as a quick navigation shortcut and others as a Google Voice keyboard shortcut.  And none of these times is when I'm in an edit box, which behaves as I'd expect.

If anyone has experience using Google Voice via the webpage with NVDA who can shed some light about accessing it with NVDA, would you please share?

Brian - Windows 10 Pro, 64-Bit, Version 2004, Build 19041  

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