locked Re: Is this the end of PayPal for nvda?

Sarah k Alawami

I had no issues. I got the audio captcha, and it was a bunch of words from a movie, or talkshow. I was able to fill it out fine just today.


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On 14 Nov 2020, at 17:19, Roger Stewart wrote:

Just now, I tried to log into my PayPal account.  The dang thinghy put in a             CAPTCHA.  There was an audio but I tried doing that several times with no results.  I finally had to ask my sighted friend to enter it for me.  What was going on is there was a mixture of numbers and letters--this is all fine but some of the letters are upper case and some are lower case and there is no way to tell them apart in the audio challenge.  This isn't accessible at all.  If this continues, I'll have no choice except to cancel my PayPal account.  I hope nvda has another way for us to donate.



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