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Hi joseph.

Wander if we have logs for various events if there should be some addon to handle submition of logs to the appropriate place depending on what the issue is about.

I wander if you could do this and things like bug reports for not just nvda but other things from an app that interfaces with github.

Its just a thought.

If I have a problem, and its got a log I will obviously try to submit the log to the appropriate person or github but what if I don't know where to put it.

I will then submit the log via a dropbox link here because I have no idea.

Wander if there can or is some sort of program to do this allready to a central location that could interface with github since thats where everything is.

I have no doubt one actually exists but I have never  actively searched for this.

On 15/11/2020 11:43 am, Brian Vogel wrote:
Hello All,

          Even though the subject says, "Please," this is really not a request, but a command.  In an Admin Notice from earlier this year (List Updates, Please Read), Nimer Jaber, NVDA Group Owner, stated explicitly:

  • Speaking of logs, we should avoid sending long logs to this list.
    • Logs may contain personal information to your system, your set-up, or possibly keystrokes you press, etc.
    • It is not expected that users on this list will know how to read logs, or that they will dissect those logs for you to determine the issue. Please reach out to NVAccess directly. No doubt there is already a process in place for this, however we shouldn't ask users to post logs to this list.

I'm now going beyond that, and saying, "Don't, really don't, ever post full logs or log segments to this group."

It's fine to ask for help and indicate that you have a log or log segment available for review to anyone who requests it.  And our regulars who are capable of dissecting logs now routinely ask that those be delivered to them privately via e-mail (typically), or some other method out of the public view.

Just don't post 'em here!

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