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Well, I am puzzling why this problem to my pc.

I am using 64bit of notepad++

Brian Vogel 於 14/11/2020 12:20 寫道:


            Are you running the 32-bit or 64-bit version of Notepad++?

            I am not having the issue you describe.  I just copied and pasted a huge document where the word "using" occurs 27 times.  If I do an Notepad++ search via CTRL+F, I land on the first occurrence of that word and NVDA announces "Using, selected."  Then I close the Find dialog and continue using F3, and on each instance it lands on NVDA says, "Using, selected, unselected."  I am not quite sure why that's how it's phrasing it, but I have a guess.  The instances are highlighted, much like they are selected, but they're not.  I think NVDA's not quite certain initially exactly what is going on, but figures out the correct state pretty quickly.  There is about a one second beat between the "Using, selected," and the following announcement, "unselected."  I did not keep going enough to make the Notepad++ find function wrap, which it's set to do by default after the last instance of something found has been found and you hit F3 immediately afterward.


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