Re: Navigation between windows stops when you press the Windows key plus a number combination.

Daniele Casarola

Thanks for your answers.

Yes, Robert Doc Wright godfearer, it works for me too, but only at the beginning of a working day.

After some hours I don't know why I always have the problem that the window is not immediatly opened but I have to use the space bar to confirm.

I can add also that in the same moment I can't open directly the Window using the combination "window + number", I also cannot stop the voice using the CTRL key.

So navigation between windows becomes a bit uncomfrotable.

Tha'ts all.

Of course ALT Tab works, but it is not the faster way to reach immediatly the window you want, especially when a lot of windows of different programs are opened.

The best way is Windows key plus a number.

Thanks again for any suggestion.

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