I Can No longer Install NVDA On My computer

Ibrahim Ajayi

I am now finding it impossible to install the NVDA screen reader on my
I installed the latest version of the program when I was prompted to
do that after it was released. But unfortunately, the program appeared
not to be working very well, so I decided to remove it and re-install
But the re-installation was unsuccessful. Each time I tried, I was
given an error message saying that the installation of NVDA failed.
I even attempted re-installing an older version, but I got the same
error message.
In the course of installation, I'm made to understand that AdOns will
be uninstalled, and I checked the box saying that I understand that.
I use a Windows7-32 coomputer.
So, what exactly has gone wrong.
Hope to get some help.
I am Ibrahim Ajayi.

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