Re: Using Google Voice Webpage with NVDA


Age is a number. I lost a gentleman last year who I called my adoptive
dad. He was 96, & he had a blog on my server for around 8 years at the
time of his death, so he was already well into his 80's at that time.
& sharp as a razor! Yeah--I helped him w/blog administration, but the
content was all his. I miss him terribly.

The real trick to doing GV, once you get it set up, is to just know to
press enter on the recipient combo box when sending a msg. As always
on pages like that, virtual find is your friend, as is the 's'
(separator) key.

You have my private email as well if you feel you want to ask
questions or share info that you're not comforttable with on list.
I'll certainly help if I can.

On 11/15/20, Brian Vogel <britechguy@...> wrote:

Thanks for this.  I'll play with it some over the coming days.  Right now
I'm doing this so I can tutor a dear friend of mine who's been using NVDA
(and JAWS before that) for decades now but for whom Google Voice is a new
thing.  Even though she's in her 80s, she's going strong, and these days is
doing a lot of work via phone that requires her to join various phone
conferences.  It is so much easier not to have to literally hold a phone
while working and also not to have to punch in numbers like the phone
numbers and conference access codes, but just to copy and paste them.

And, believe me, I know just exactly where you're coming from with regard to
the brain not having fully engaged without it's morning dose of coffee (and
morning can be any time of morning).

Brian - Windows 10 Pro, 64-Bit, Version 2004, Build 19041

*If you think that you can think about a thing, inextricably attached to
something else, without thinking of the thing it is attached to, then you
have a legal mind.*

~ Thomas Reed Powell

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