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Oh wow! I did try it with my old windows 7 box.  It never worked right for me. I guess my old computer was not meant for it. For some strange reason I couldn’t install it even if I was trying the free version.  I never tried it again. I had errors and more errors when trying to install it.  What a shock.  Is that the screen reader that updates itself when new versions come out? Or am I lying?


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Since NVDA was most likely influenced in some way by System Access I

thought I'd post this to highlight my sadness for the loss of SA.


This was taken from a blog in 2010:


"Let's refresh our memories on what we have already done:

1. Serotek was the first to offer a full-featured accessibility

solution that does not require  administrator rights to provide speech

and braille access.

2. Serotek was the first to provide non-proprietary remote access

speech solutions for personal and  commercial environments that even

work with our competition.

3. Serotek was the first to provide full-featured access to 64-bit Windows.

4. Serotek was the first to provide direct support for Braille devices

that comply with the Human  Interface Device standard, allowing a user

to walk up to any Windows computer and have speech and  Braille access

without installing any drivers.

5. Serotek was the first (and is still the only,) completely web based

access solution to speech  and braille with satogo."


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> On Mon, Nov 16, 2020 at 09:08 AM, Blaster wrote:


>> System Access going off the market is a very sad turn of events, indeed.

> -

> Sad, perhaps, but there is only so much room in niche markets in

> particular.  This is a screen reader I'd never even heard of until this

> particular topic came up.

> And I expect as Narrator continues to mature that other very small players

> will be exiting the stage, if any are left.

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