Re: Having Issues with NVDA with Excel and Outlook 2016

Eilana Benish

I must say that I am using Microsoft outlook for many many years now and after using Mozilla Thunderbird I don't need Microsoft Outlook anymore

Microsoft Outlook can be crushed without any reason or at least any visible reason  - even on a very strong computer.

Mozilla Thunderbird is very easy to use and very very accessible also with newsletters with layout tables

So I am strongly recommended to use Mozilla Thunderbird


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נכתב על ידי Bob Cavanaugh, ב־18/11/2020 בשעה 03:14:

Hello list,
I've been using NVDA for about 10 years now, but it's really only been
in the last few that it has become an every day use in my life, as
I've primarily been using System Access. However, since that screen
reader's future is uncertain, I want to get a few things with NVDA
fixed. I have two fairly major problems with Office 2016 on Windows 10
and the latest version on NVDA:
1. In Excel, whenever I try to modify a spreadsheet, NVDA stops
reading the document that is in focus. For instance, I like to double
check where I inserted a row. So, I will navigate to the row where I
want to insert, hit my applications key, choose insert from the menu,
and choose "entire row" from the dialog that pops up. On clicking OK,
I am returned to the spreadsheet as expected, but unless I alt-tab
away from and back to the spreadsheet or restart NVDA, it will not
read anything in the spreadsheet. Is there any way to fix this so that
NVDA will continue to read things in spreadsheets after taking such
actions? Note, it does not do this if working in a table within the
spreadsheet, just when the spreadsheet isn't a table.
2. The bigger issue is with Outlook, where reading at least some HTML
emails is nearly impossible with NVDA. This is particularly
problematic on emails from Groupon, which I have a lot of on my other
account which I access through Outlook. When I open those emails,
Outlook unexpectedly closes. This is the primary reason I still use
System Access with Outlook, because I've never had this problem with
that screen reader.

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