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Ralf Kefferpuetz

Keep an eye on the performance of NVDA with this UIA option enabled. At my end NVDA/Outlook becomes slower and slower during the day. Restarting of NVDA fixes that, but there is something not right with this UIA option. Also with this UIA option it doesn't read image alternate text in RSS feeds.


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That UI Automation checkbox did the trick with the Outlook problem, I just tried it. I agree there's way too much unecisary table information though. I'm not sure if it's how this particular email was laid out, but it appeared to read the first row over and over again when tabbing through. I'll have to investigate that further.

On 11/17/20, Quentin Christensen <quentin@...> wrote:
Hi Bob,

Which version of NVDA are you using? And are you using any add-ons?

I don't have Office 2016 handy, only Office 365, however when I insert
rows as you describe, NVDA keeps responding. I just tried it in a
blank worksheet, I went to A2, applications key, "insert" "row", then
the row is inserted and focus returns to the book and NVDA reads:
"Book 1 Excel, sheet
1 table, a2" - note that I haven't created a table, despite the word
being mentioned there.

In Outlook, we're aware of some issues with some newsletters,
particularly those with many layout tables, although generally the
issue is either too much feedback about tables and cells, or too many
blank lines, rather than crashing.

We did include some improvements for Outlook particularly in NVDA
2020.3, so if you aren't using that version, please do try it at
least. Another setting which may make a difference, is an advanced setting:

1. Press NVDA+control+g to open NVDA's general settings.
2. Press CONTROL+SHIFT+TAB to move to the last tab 3. Press SPACEBAR
to check that you acknowledge the warning.
4. Press TAB until you get to "Use UI Automation to access Microsoft
Word Document Controls when available".
5. Press SPACEBAR to toggle that
6. Press ENTER to close settings.

Outlook uses a Microsoft Word style window to display messages in Outlook.
This setting changes how NVDA gets information from Word or Word-style
controls like this. Some things may work better, and some may not
work as well, but see how you find it.

Also if you are using any add-ons, try restarting NVDA with those
disabled to test that as well (NVDA+Q, then down arrow to "Restart
with add-ons disabled" and press ENTER).

Kind regards


On Wed, Nov 18, 2020 at 1:19 PM Bob Cavanaugh <cavbob1993@...> wrote:

Hello list,
I've been using NVDA for about 10 years now, but it's really only
been in the last few that it has become an every day use in my life,
as I've primarily been using System Access. However, since that
screen reader's future is uncertain, I want to get a few things with
NVDA fixed. I have two fairly major problems with Office 2016 on
Windows 10 and the latest version on NVDA:
1. In Excel, whenever I try to modify a spreadsheet, NVDA stops
reading the document that is in focus. For instance, I like to double
check where I inserted a row. So, I will navigate to the row where I
want to insert, hit my applications key, choose insert from the menu,
and choose "entire row" from the dialog that pops up. On clicking OK,
I am returned to the spreadsheet as expected, but unless I alt-tab
away from and back to the spreadsheet or restart NVDA, it will not
read anything in the spreadsheet. Is there any way to fix this so
that NVDA will continue to read things in spreadsheets after taking
such actions? Note, it does not do this if working in a table within
the spreadsheet, just when the spreadsheet isn't a table.
2. The bigger issue is with Outlook, where reading at least some HTML
emails is nearly impossible with NVDA. This is particularly
problematic on emails from Groupon, which I have a lot of on my other
account which I access through Outlook. When I open those emails,
Outlook unexpectedly closes. This is the primary reason I still use
System Access with Outlook, because I've never had this problem with
that screen reader.

Quentin Christensen
Training and Support Manager

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