Re: There is something not right about this release of NVDA, but I can't put my finger on it


Jaffar, I can confirm the Ctrl key not stopping speech in some cases.
I can't find a way to reproduce this to share with the list as of yet,
but I wanted to chime in and let you know it has happened to me as
well after the 20H2 update. If I can make it happen and document the
steps to reproduce this issue, I'll report bak.

Kind regards,Blaster

On 11/18/20, Rowen Cary <> wrote:
Hi, joseph

Yes, in my personal experience, NVDA does not work well in MS Word, and it
is even worse in VS2019. It is common to get stuck without saying anything.
When I enable UIA support in WORD, the comments in the document become
unreadable, so that I dare not enable UIA in Word at all.

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