Re: Having Issues with NVDA with Excel and Outlook 2016


Simple review is on by default. This appears to be the result of either newsletters being formatted incorrectly, using nonlayout tables for layout, or some problem I am not aware of. Whatever the case, turning table notifications off will solve the problem for now, until a progfile can be made if the user wants table notifications on but off when using Outlook.


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My gut is telling me that this is the flip side of an issue I've dealt with that is the result of HTML layout tables.

Take a look at the Input Gestures Dialog (NVDA+N,P,N) search on simple, which should return you the "Turn simple review mode on and off" option, and once you have focus on it hit the Add key to add a keyboard shortcut to toggle this feature On/Off of your choosing. Simple review mode is OFF by default, but there are times the you may want to toggle it on to see if it cuts down on this sort of ultra-extraneous verbiage, which is the result of how the HTML used for the message in question is written.

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