locked waterfox g3 review



This is to compliment the issues update on github about waterfox and nvda crashing, updated today.

Just tried the new 3rd generation of waterfox modern.

Firstly, crashes are mostly gone, except that google, dropbox and skype websites want to crash when first loaded, but if you load them again they may be ok.

I wander if this is buffers, timing or something.

It seems that objects are cleared and new ones put in their place in i accessible before nvda has a chance to catch up.

The brouser does load the pages though.

My biggest gripes are:

1.  the fact resilio sync server does not display its output properly.

That is I can read thhe controls but I can't interact with the screen properly like switch windows or tabs.

The main window with all the folders and such will also not display.

There are also sidebars like extentions, search, address and a load of other clutter simular to chrome.

I suspect this is both a waterfox issue and nvda issue and am seriously wandering if this is a uia related thing though no idea how to test it.

What I do like about g3 is the ability to run classic addons like noscript classic and also current addons like extrasounds, etc.

They plan to run chrome and edge extentions which are chromium based, which means I may be able to run some google games and such which would rock.

Its actually something I want.

G3 runs fine 90% of the time.

Its the most stable brouser I have ran of this type and I am happy for its future.

What I may have to do though if this does not get fixed, is use g3, but have a 08 classic portable hanging round.

Its a small price to pay I guess but lets see if it can be fixed.

More over if they can ever fix classic that would be good to though with all the features I don't need classic really.

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