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Press the left alt key twice when NVDA does not speak within the worksheet after completing an operation. This should get NVDA speaking again.

To rename a worksheet. Switch to the worksheet you want to rename. Press left alt followed by h, o, r. This is the hot key sequent for sheet renaming. As Brian says, it is an office command, not NVDA's!

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Thanks for the tip, I'll try that in the next few days. Now for an update on my Excel issue, it's still not working properly despite disabling live preview. When inserting rows, NVDA still refuses to speak on returning to the workbook. As I said in my original message, moving away from the workbook and returning works, but I'd prefer to not do that. Also while we're on the topic of Excel, I have two questions not entirely related to NVDA, but I'm not sure how to go about getting answers.
1. I have two workbooks I need to edit monthly, both of which contain two sheets. The problem is they were created with different versions of Excel originally, so one uses control page up to move to the next sheet and one uses control page down. How do I reorder the sheets to make these accessible using the same command?
2. Is there a way to rename the sheets so that they're not just called sheet 1, sheet 2, etc?

On 11/19/20, Pranav Lal <> wrote:
Hi Bob,

I have dealt with this exact issue. Here is what you do.
1. Launch outlook.
2. Use the nvda key + n to bring up the nvda menu.
3. Navigate to the item called "configuration profiles."
4. In that dialogue, listen for what profile you are on. If it says
default, create a new profile. If it says outlook, exit the dialog.
5. Assuming you need to create a new profile, do not give it a name
but arrow to the set of radio buttons and choose "current application outlook."
6. Exit the dialogue.
7. Follow the instructions other list members have given for disabling
the reporting of table formatting.
8. Ensure you save the profile.
9. Try reading the newsletter.
10. You should find that the excessive reporting of layout messages is

When you swap out of outlook, you will find that the document
formatting has returned to the original way it was set because the
configuration profile has changed to the default or whatever else you have defined.

I find profiles a really handy feature.


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