Re: Having Issues with NVDA with Excel and Outlook 2016

Bob Cavanaugh

That worked brilliantly! I had to try a couple of settings in order to
get things where they needed to be, but now I'm able to read Groupon
emails without Outlook crashing and without excessive table
information. Sometimes it can be a little slower than I'm used to, but
I think I can get used to it for the hopefully short time I'm going to
have to deal with it. I've been moving away from Outlook for a couple
years now, but am just now getting around to cleaning things out.

On 11/21/20, Pranav Lal <pranav.lal@...> wrote:

Please go to the document formatting dialog which is under settings. Scroll
that tree view until you reach document formatting. There is no need for you
to do anything with input gestures.


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