NVDA Navigation Using Touch Gestures and Setting Up Custom Gestures

Khalid Anwar

Moderators Note:  I am allowing this topic because it does contain questions specific to NVDA that deserve answers.  That being said, copy and paste are operating system functions, as is, in the case of IOS, the Rotor.  Please stick to the NVDA aspects here.  If in depth discussion of the touch gestures for Windows functions is required, those would best be asked either on the Chat Subgroup or the Windows 10 for Screen Reader Users Group (and would be territory not yet asked about much at all).

I'm thinking about trading in my iPad for a Microsoft surface tablet, because I like the idea of having a windows machine that can be both a laptop and tablet combined.
But I do have some concerns about NVDA touch gestures and was wondering if anyone might be able to help.

One thing I wanted to know was how to select copy and paste text using only the touchscreen and touch gestures with NVDA if such a thing is possible,  The other thing is that I know NVDA doesn't have a rotor like iOS so how do you select different granularities to navigate by such as buttons links and headings, how do you then use these to navigate the webpage, what gestures are required? Also, I've looked in the manual for some information about the input gestures dialogue but just wanted some advice, what gestures can you select and how much programming knowledge do you need in order to set up a custom gestures?

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