Re: two sounds keep going off intermittently

Felix G.

processes come and go, and I guess that triggers those sounds. Reasons might include scheduled updates or running apps utilizing helper processes.
Do the sounds coincide with any windows opening or closing on your system, or do they appear completely at random?
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marvin kotler <m.kotler53@...> schrieb am So., 4. Sep. 2016 um 01:09 Uhr:

    Good afternoon list; Marv here.  I got a new computer; acer desktop running windows ten and nvda 16.2.  I have a minor issue; I hope.  This is the home edition.  I put in two sounds; one for open program and another for close program.  A Microsoft disability specialist worked on this thing for approximately two hours without resolution.  These are the only sounds that are effected by this intermittent problem.  If anyone has any ideas on what I could try, I would like to hear them.  Thanks in advance.

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