Re: any progress on aria-live being read multiple times?

Samuel Kacer

So I've experimented around to try and find the simplest example and I've found that the bug occurs when the element with aria-live also has a tabindex. If it doesn't have a tabindex then it is read once, but with a tabindex it will be read twice.

I think this bug is probably the same one that causes live information to be read twice when pressing the pause or mute button on youtube.

Searching through NVDA's issues on github it seems this bug isn't recorded, so I will go ahead and do that later.

tried on chrome, firefox, and edge. the bug occurs for chrome and edg, but not on firefox. however interestingly for firefox I get a completely different bug which I haven't been able to figure out what causes it. essentially there for my application, the live messages are completely garbled and out of order, but couldn't reproduce the bug with a simpler example...

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