Re: Touch interaction off and on

Don H

I have version 20.09 of the enhanced touch gestures installed and the insert d still works to toggle off and on touch interactions

On 11/26/2020 10:21 AM, Joseph Lee wrote:
Hi all,
I had an offlist conversation with Don about it, so I can give weight to this discussion.
I bet this might have to do with the version of Enhanced Touch Gestures one is using. The fact that NVDA+D doesn't work when the add-on is disabled speaks volume to this hypothesis. Besides, in an upcoming version of Enhanced Touch Gestures, the add-on specific command to toggle touch interaction will be removed in favor of NVDA's way of doing it (speaking of which, you can toggle touch interaction in NVDA 2020.3 in two ways: Control+Alt+NVDA+T, or going to NVDA menu/Preferences/Settings/Touch interaction).
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Subject: [nvda] Touch interaction off and on
I am running the latest release of NVDA on a win 10 20h2 system. In the past the hot key for turning toch interaction on and off was insert d.
I am told that this should no longer work however on my system insert d still turns touch interaction off and on. Is this key combination still working for you? The current hot key is supposed to be control alt insert t which I find to be a really difficult key combo for my old fingers.

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