Re: NVDA Navigation Using Touch Gestures and Setting Up Custom Gestures

Khalid Anwar

 I think, and I don't know how practical this would be in real terms, that a text selection mode could be added so that text can be highlighted by character, word, line, et cetera using the standard flick left and write gestures, and then mapping touch gestures onto existing  Windows  keyboard gestures for copy and paste control C and control V. 
 I think the line between smart phones, tablets, laptops, notebooks and PCs is blurring almost every year, and so most  programmes  will be able to support some form of touch support in the near future  though how well they do it is another matter entirely. 
 I also wonder how many of these screen reader gestures that we use have been copyrighted or trademarked by iOS or android, how long is it before they decide that  a particular gesture to perform a particular function can only be used on their devices and anyone else who does this should be punished. 

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