Re: NVDA Equivalent to "Route Jaws to PC"?

Chris Smart

Ok, thanks David.

I'm relatively new to relying on NVDA for more day-to-day computing tasks, and I still sometimes find myself in situations where it seems things are easier in Jaws. It's usually just a case of me not having ObjectNav figured out yet though.

On 2020-11-27 1:27 p.m., David Griffith wrote:

As far as I can tell it is exactly the same if you are using a numpad.


That is Insert minus or dash depending on how it is announced.

NVDA announces  move to focus which is I think the NVDA equivalent. As NVDA does not have a Jaws cursor function in the same way as Jaws I think it has to be used more with object navigation but I will leave others more qualified to comment on this.

David G.



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From: Chris Smart
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Is there an NVDA equivalent to the Jaws command that routes Jaws cursor

to PC cursor?













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