Re: NVDA Equivalent to "Route Jaws to PC"?


There is object navigation and screen review and you need to know both to get full use of review abilities. I'm not sure what the best material is that explains how they work. I'll let others discuss good material for learning.


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Ok, thanks David.

I'm relatively new to relying on NVDA for more day-to-day computing tasks, and I still sometimes find myself in situations where it seems things are easier in Jaws. It's usually just a case of me not having ObjectNav figured out yet though.

On 2020-11-27 1:27 p.m., David Griffith wrote:

As far as I can tell it is exactly the same if you are using a numpad.

That is Insert minus or dash depending on how it is announced.

NVDA announces move to focus which is I think the NVDA equivalent. As NVDA does not have a Jaws cursor function in the same way as Jaws I think it has to be used more with object navigation but I will leave others more qualified to comment on this.

David G.

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From: Chris Smart
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Subject: [nvda] NVDA Equivalent to "Route Jaws to PC"?


Is there an NVDA equivalent to the Jaws command that routes Jaws cursor

to PC cursor?



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