Re: NVDA Equivalent to "Route Jaws to PC"?


But if you don't know object naviggation and screen review, how they are different and how to use them, you won't understand what you are doing properly when you route. Also, the command you gave is not for routing the object navigator to the cursor. You gave the command for routing the mouse pointer to the position of the object navigator, which is a separate command. We don't know which is being asked about but learning about review and routing is knowledge that is much more likely to be learned and understood well through comprehensive instruction. It is likely to be very difficult if you just pick up this bit of unorganized information here and there.


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Indeed there is. NVDA Key + Left Mouse Button (Num Pad Slash).

On 11/27/2020 1:15 PM, Chris Smart wrote:

Is there an NVDA equivalent to the Jaws command that routes Jaws cursor to PC cursor?



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