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I shall present the long method, to be used the first time, then the short method which you can use unless you find some reason to use the long one.

I haven't used the utility. In NVDA, the object navigator, by default, follows the cursor or the item you move to in a list so you are likely to already be there in terms of where the object navigator is located. Use read current line when you first use the utility to confirm that. While that is the default action, if something is programmed in such a way so that it doesn't happen, it is possible the object nnavigator won't be where it should be. But usually, it should be where you expect.
So do the following:

First, if you have changed to screen review, you must change back to object review. If you haven't, you can omit this step.
Use the command numpad insert numpad 1 until you hear no previous navigation modes or something similar or until you hear object nhavigation. You will then be using the correct navigation, object navigation.
As I said, you need only do this if you have switched to screen review.
Move to the item in the list as usual.
Press numpad 8 to be sure the object navigator is in the right place. You don't have to keep doing that but you want to make sure that in this utility, the object navigator is in the right place when you move with the arrow keys in the list. After you confirm this once, you can omit this check.
Then use numpad insert numpad slash to route the mouse pointer to the navigator object.
Then use numpad star to right click the item.

I shall now present the short way after you have used the long way this first time:
Move to the place you want to be in the list.
Use the command numpad insert, numpad slash.
Then use just numpad star to right click.
If you were left clicking you would use just numpad slash after you routed the mouse pointer with numpad insert numpad slash.


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Here's a little more context.

Anybody used a little search utility called Bit Che?

In Jaws, after I search for something and focus on an item in the list
of results, I do route Jaws to PC, then Numpad Star to simulate a right
mouse click, then I pick something from the resulting menu that pops up.

I'm trying to do the same thing in NVDA.


On 2020-11-27 1:38 p.m., Gene wrote:
You must be in the program where the keys apply if they are program specific. If you are in a browser, you can press letter keys and hear announcements such as that x is move to the next check box, c moves to the next combo box, etc.

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I tried to use the input help function of NVDA using the insert 1 keys
and find that the input help does not nearly cover all the possible
keys. For example after turning input help on and entering insert f7 it
says nothing even though this is the key combo to get a list of elements
like links on a web page. Is there a way to improve this input help so
it will identify all nva keys?

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