Re: compatible gmail notifier with nvda


On Sat, Nov 28, 2020 at 06:52 PM, Arlene wrote:
You can turn on your mail notifications and it will notify you even though the windows ten mail is not open.
And that's because it's actually still running in the background.  There are a number of apps that have this capability.  But if you actually exit the Mail App process, those notifications will stop.  Open Task Manager if you've had the Mail App open, and even after you close the window you were using, the app is still shown in the process list if you have "more details" view showing.

That's actually what's happening on the various smartphone platforms, too, in regard to their e-mail apps.  Whether the window is actually open for reading, that app is still running in the background.  If you kill and don't restart those (which I'm not suggesting anyone do) the notifications stop on those platforms, too.

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