Reading with NVDA on a Web Browser

Dave Grossoehme

Good Morning:  I am using NVDA 20.3.  I have tried to read with Firefox and Micro Soft Edge on a web page.  When reading by line by pressing the down arrow on the four pack on a desk top computer, I can read the information.  However, when pressing the NVDA key + the down arrow to read all NVDA reads the line only. However, when pressing the NVDA key bottom is spoken.  I have never seen this action before.  It doesn't make any difference what web page you are on.  I thought it was how the page was set up, so, I went to the page and this happened there as well.  This is on Win 2004 version of windows.  I am using Windows Essentials add on with NVDA.  This started with Fire Fox with no add ons for NVDA.  This is a fresh install of Windows.


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