Re: compatible gmail notifier with nvda


Well one did and it was google desktop.
It did what he wants and even let you read them. The down fall was memory hog and was constantly indexing.
Google killed it because to easy to get access to there email servers.

On 11/28/2020 6:03 PM, Brian Vogel wrote:
It is not typical for any e-mail client, or webmail client, to provide notifications unless it is running or you are logged in.
The PC (or Mac, for that matter) behave differently, by design, than a smartphone.  You either need to have an email client running or be logged in to your Gmail (or Yahoo, or, or whatever webmail client) in a browser before notifications on new message arrival will be provided.
I guess it's possible that someone may have written an e-mail notifier that stays logged in to a given email account rather than expecting it to be open in the background like it typically is, but if one exists, I don't know about it.
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