Re: NVDA goes silent when arrowing down the list of participants panel in Zoom

Bob Cavanaugh <cavbob1993@...>

I have this issue too. What I've found to work is to hit your up arrow
when you get to the point where it goes silent, then your down arrow
again. That helps for a brief time, then you have to repeat that
process again. I agree, kind of annoying. I'm also having two
additional issues with NVDA not reading things properly in Zoom:
1. When typing anything in Zoom and you type something wrong, NVDA
does not read what you backspace. It reads if you type things
normally, but if you try to review or correct an error, it will not
2. If you're in a meeting that initially isn't being recorded, then
the host starts recording, NVDA does not read the alert that tells you
that the meeting is now being recorded.

On 11/29/20, Sim Kah Yong <> wrote:
Hi all,

Wish to report the above problem when using NVDA in Zoom. IN a zoom
meeting, if I wish to find out the list of participants, I will press
alt + U to call out the participants panel. I will then arrow down the
list. After severl down arrow, NVDA will stop speaking.

I am using the latest version of NVDA, Zoom enhancement app and Zoom.
This problem has been there even with the older version of NVDA and
Zoom. I am using Windows 8.1. I have tried the following with no avail:

1. Wit no apps

2. restart NVDA

3. Re-boot my computer.

Just wish to find out if any of you have similar problem and what can be
done? Perhaps this can help to improve future version of NVDA.

I have also use JAWS and this has not been a problem. Thanks all.

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