Re: Will NVDA work smoothly in Windows 10 on ARM?

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Hello Joseph,

thanks for the reply. Though I didn't get it entirely. You mean NVDA comes with a library same as what? Could you elaborate on that more?

Let's say I have a fast ARM processor, like that which is included in the new MacBook Air with the M1 chip. Do you think NVDA will be stable on such an ARM-based environment?

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30. 11. 2020 v 18:34, Joseph Lee <>:

What I'm about to say is theoretical, but might be applicable in practice:
I expect NVDA to be slow in Windows 10 on ARM. As you may know, in order to
run x86 (32-bit) code, Windows 10 on ARM comes with an emulator. But because
NVDA is a Python-based software, it must go through multiple layers (Python
interpreter on x86, which in turn will run on top of x86 emulator) just to
get it to run. Thankfully, NVDA does come with the same library for
communicating with certain apps, so it might be a bit fast (still slower
than running on a 64-bit AMD or Intel processor); for reference, the ARM
version of NVDA Helper library is also compiled when compiling NVDA.
As for working with ARM apps, foundations are in place to fully support
them. The initial work was made in 2017, which was somewhat enhanced in
subsequent releases. In NVDA 2020.3, NVDA can tell you what the target
machine architecture for an app is, so using Python Console, you can figure
out if you're dealing with a 32-bit or 64-bit x86 or ARM app. This will get
a bit interesting (and slightly complicated) soon when Windows 10 on ARM
comes with an emulator for 64-bit x86 code.

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I am considering buying a notebook with an ARM-based processor, and I am
just wondering whether the x86 version of NVDA will work well in the Windows
10 on ARM version of Windows. If not, are there plans for the development of
an ARM-based version of NVDA?

Thanks for your thoughts.

Best regards


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