Re: Will NVDA work smoothly in Windows 10 on ARM?


Well technically it may.

This is because x86 and 64 standard emulation will be about.

However I'd hold off a little bit.

Firstly win10 x is due to go out according to

Its supposed to have emulation out the box but some may come later on to.

Right now its not certain if x86-64 desktop emulation will make it to release 1.

Oh and it is release 1, no one has actually seen it and such yet so who knows if it will work or not.

The other thing is that next year, towards year's end windows 10 is having an interface revamp and aparently that may shake things up a bit.

Now maybe in 2022 I'd try to get an arm unit but not just yet.

On 1/12/2020 4:59 am, Adam Samec wrote:

I am considering buying a notebook with an ARM-based processor, and I am just wondering whether the x86 version of NVDA will work well in the Windows 10 on ARM version of Windows. If not, are there plans for the development of an ARM-based version of NVDA?

Thanks for your thoughts.

Best regards



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