Has anyone used keybase with nvda.

Keybase is usable though it would be nice if I knew the status of checkboxes, buttons and the like.

Some actions need to be done online but never the less I have managed to get it working with explorer.

The issue is the client, on first open it works well.

However after that it will simply open into some hidden mode.

If I move about I can get something like show recent files and open inbox.

If I do open inbox, the program opens but nvda can not read it though ocr states it is loaded.

I assume there are more than 1 window and I need to refocus though even in mouse mode nvda can't find what to press.

I like the concept of keybase.

Are there shortcut keys as such for it?

The client could be better but oh well.

I will probably report issues I have had to keybase itself though another alternitive client would be good.

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