Re: two different problems with NVDA and reading email

Sky Mundell

Hello Bob. Perhaps this is something that needs to be addressed in a future update of NVDA? This is concerning that NVDA won't automatically read the message after hitting control and the letter D, but System Access will, especially since System Access from what I hear is soon going to be a dead product and from what I hear hasn't received any updates since August of 2020. Note. I've had some familiarity with System Access in the past and owned their accessibility anywhere package and when SA to go came out I was hoping that SA To go would take off and become successful.

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Subject: [nvda] two different problems with NVDA and reading email

Hi all,
I've been using NVDA now for a few days, and for the most part it's working without a hitch in Outlook. However, I'm having two problems:
1. In Outlook, the reporting of deleted messages is inconsistent. If deleting from a folder, NVDA doesn't, and has never, said anything.
I'd like the subject line of the next message to be spoken after the previous message is moved to the deleted items folder. When in the deleted items folder, NVDA does not reliably say the correct subject line. To reproduce, follow these steps:
A. Locate an email you don't want in Outlook, open it, then press
control+D to delete it. Notice that NVDA does not say anything, I'd
like it to say the subject of the next message, or the name of the folder if there are no more messages to display or you have Outlook configured to return you to the folder where you were.
B. Now go to your deleted items folder, and find a few messages you want to delete. For this scenario, I'm assuming you, like me, have Outlook set to open the previous item upon taking action on the currently focused one. Open one of the messages, and press control+D to delete it. Outlook pops up a message saying that this will be permanent, and asks if you would like to continue. Say yes to this, and you should be in the next message. Here, NVDA sometimes says the correct subject, sometimes does not say the subject of the message at all, or sometimes even says the subject of the message you just deleted.
2. I don't use Outlook for the account I'm writing you on right now, I use Gmail's web interface with the basic html mode. When navigating through my messages using the tab key, NVDA does not read who the message is from. It will say something like row 4 column 1 checkbox not checked, then I tab and it will say column 3 message subject.
System Access will read the sender's name with the checkbox in column 1.

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