Re: NVDA Verbosity for Grouping and sorting messages in Outlook - Can it be changed?

Deborah Armstrong <debee@...>

I am sorry I can't be very specific, but in fooling with my view settings in outlook I managed to turn grouping off and it cut out all that verbosity. You can adjust your view to include fewer columns too. Since NVDA is reading outlook's document object model and not the screen it should respond appropriately if you adjust your view to be more minimalist.
Another thing to know: if you are focused on a message that is a newsletter and outlook announces garbage about pictures not downloading, etc. you can use your applications key, select junk, select "not junk"and by marking this message as not Spam, anything else coming from that sender will be whitelisted. Whitelisting a message also causes Outlook to not display and NVDA to not speak verbose messages about it. Because outlook is so configurable, you will find that changing its settings radically affects what NVDA speaks.

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