Re: NVDACon 2020 - rules for the conference

Margus Ojaots

hi. is there any way to listen the conference after it is over, are
there any recordings?

2020-12-04 19:03 GMT +02:00, Adriani Botez <>:

Dear all,

only about 4 hours remaining until NVDACon 2020 begins! Let's make it to a
historic event, one that produces impact for all of us in a positive way!
make sure that we all are treated equally, please make sure that you
some very important rules as follows:

1. In your team talk, please enable push to talk in the general
settings so that your background sound does not disturb others when

2. Please enable echo reduction in the sound system settings of
the team talk app or software

3. Please give you a name when entering the conference. Users
no name will be kicked out after 5 minutes. We have to make sure that we
differ between users so that every one has the occasion to speak and raise
its questions

4. Please respect all the moral rules. We will not accept
statements / content that imply violent, sexual, demeaning or in any other
way discrinimatory behavior

The code of conduct for the NVDA project applies in the same way for the
NVDACon. Please read the code of conduct below and treat any participant
with respect and kindness.


Let's bridge the distance!

Best regards


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