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On Fri, Dec 4, 2020 at 07:02 PM, Gene wrote:
There are times when special interfaces may be justified but the justification must really be substantial, which isn't the case here.
Amen to that!  In addition, they generally end up hobbling the user's ability to use the native interface and, unless you're lucky enough to never have to use any computer besides your own, it's not likely that other computers will have those special interfaces.

I have been very happy that NVDA has avoided creating interfaces that are, in my opinion, completely unnecessary.  Improved convenience of use when the native interface is entirely useable is not sufficient justification for creating a special interface.

I dislike things like Open Shell and Start10 because both make it possible to avoid learning a now not-at-all-new Windows 10 user interface, which is not, in actuality, all that much different than it's ever been in Windows 7 and earlier.

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