Re: problem with links in email when using Thunderbird


On Sat, Dec 5, 2020 at 08:55 PM, Gene wrote:
I wonder what happens when a sighted person clicks them with a mouse? At this point, we don't have information to conclude whether this is an accessibility problem or a general problem in Thunderbird.
They work.  And yes, we do.  Do you not even bother reading the details I give for this very purpose?

From an earlier message:  "I do not have any issue with the Reply to Sender link in Outlook 2016, eM Client, or Gmail webmail.  This is a Thunderbird bug.  But now that I've done some additional resource it definitely is easy to get around and you still use the Reply to Sender link, but don't activate it directly, but bring up the context menu and go from there."    Entire message here from 3 days ago: 

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