Re: NVDA and Math

Tony Malykh

Regarding access8math, it doesn't need MathPlayer. Actually I couldn't figure out how to use MathPlayer either, but Access8Math works perfectly. But I only tested it on wikipedia formulas, not sure how it works with other types of formulas.

On 12/5/2020 12:33 PM, Sally Kiebdaj wrote:

Hello all,

To circle back on a few threads earlier this fall, I have a few questions about accessing math content with NVDA. 

The NVDA user guide references MathPlayer. However, MathPlayer's site doesn't show any updates more recent than 2016. Is this accurate? If so, does it work with any of the newer browsers? 

For Lamda, does the add-on function outside of the Lambda application? I'm only dipping into linear algebra as a pre-req for a data science course so am not sure if getting the Lamda application is necessary/advisable. Does the Lambda add-on read math in webpages or word on its own? 

Lastly, how does access8math work with NVDA? Is it also reliant on the MathPlayer? 

so far, I've been unable to get the NVDA math hotkey (NVDA + alt+ m) to work under any circumstances, including in places that ChromeVox correctly identifies MathJax. 

Any and all guidance on how to start getting this working would be a huge help. I haven't ever done math through a screen reader and haven't done math of any kind since before 2005, not counting college stats classes when I had some residual vision. 

Thank you in advance!

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