Having the mouse follow the blinking cursor with arrow keys

hurrikennyandopo ...

Hi guys

Not sure how to explain this correctly but I will give it a try. here in New Zealand there is a free tvnz on demand service where you can go  in and watch shows etc but as you arrow down the page a few of the shows are in slides and just say new season new eposode or movie.

This is use less information if you do not know what the name of the show is.

But it seems if i route the mouse to where it says new season for every show it seems to say what the show is and what it is about. I know it is probably not hard to route the mouse to every one but was wondering and not sure if the fgolden cursor can do it or not but is there a way for the mouse to follow as you arrow down the screen in this case for each show so I do not have to route the mouse each time.

I was just using the arrow keys to go down the page and see what some of the shows were but only when the mouse was routed to that position to bring up I think some type of pop up.

Gene nz

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