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Something similar happened with the Netflix site here in the U.S. One day it was working just fine and then, suddenly, the edit field for searching for a movie disappeared.  I complained and talked directly to one of the individuals who answers questions about the service. It took more than a week, but eventualy the problem was fixed and the edit field suddenly re-appeared one day.

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This is another of the classic situations where eliminating possible issues is the only way to go.

If you typically use one browser, then use another.  Is the (mis)behavior the same?   Yes, then suspect the screen reader next. No, suspect something's gone south with your favorite screen reader.

Uninstall and reinstall of "the most likely culprit" after some process of elimination has taken place is the next step.  If that doesn't fix the issue, suspect something could be wrong with something with the webpage itself.  You cannot rule out that the web page designers at Hulu might not have done something entirely bone-headed.  It's been known to happen.

If you happen to have convenient sighted assistance that's been around when you've used the site in the past (and a screen has been there for them to see, even in passing) it's worth asking whether there is any immediately noticeable change.  If something's really obviously changed . . .

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