Re: windows 10 skype 7 is inaccessible with nvda.


Not having any problems with the installed version or with meet.
The more you know your screen reader the better your accessibility will be.

On 12/8/2020 12:39 PM, Brian Vogel wrote:
The issue here is that the Skype Desktop App (formerly known as the installed version) and the Store Skype App or "shipped with Windows 10" equivalent are not equally accessible.  It's long been recommended that screen reader users use the Skype Desktop App.
Download Skype for Desktop | Available for Windows, Mac ...
Current version of desktop app:  Skype
I will ask that if folks want to do a deep dive into how to use
Skype, regardless of whether the Desktop App or Store App, that this
conversation take place on the Chat Subgroup.
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