Re: sudden changes to Hulu's website

George McCoy

What happens if you use Narrator?

On 12/8/2020 1:46 PM, Ame wrote:

Hi Guy!  Yeah, I make sure the window’s maximized and I use Chrome.  The puzzling thing is, until Thursday afternoon, I had access to all the content I pay for.  All of a sudden, all I see is the global navigation stuff you find on all the pages.  Under that, I see an unlabeled button that you click on to either expand or collapse the little area where you can switch profiles, turn night mode on or off, get into your account, etc.  Under that little button, I see the global navigation stuff you find at the bottom.  About, jobs, about ads, help, all that stuff.  I chatted with a Hulu agent who made some suggestion.  I’m thinking about uninstalling and reinstalling NVDA.  If that doesn’t work, I think I’ll call the Microsoft Disability Answer desk and have them see if my Chrome is updated.  I just think this whole thing is very strange.  The change was very sudden and I never did a thing to create the problem.  Lol  I’m gonna do my best to see that this thing doesn’t outdo me.

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