Re: sudden changes to Hulu's website


The Chrome browser updates automatically. It should be current. You can find out in the following way:
Open the Chrome menu with alt f. Hold alt when you type f. You are more likely to be in the right place.
Up arrow a few times, its much faster, to help and press enter.
You have opened a submenu and are already on about. Press enter again. A web page with the about information will load.
When the help web page opens, make sure you are at the top, control home, then start down arrowing. You will soon get to a line that tells you if Chrome is up-to-date.
Treat the situation as though you were on any web page. go to another one, close the program, do things just as you would if you were on any web page.

As far as what is seen is concerned, I don't think there is often a correlation between what a sighted person sees and whether there is an accessibility problem. A link looks like a link, whether it can be activated from the keyboard or not, for example.

If others are having the problem, that means it isn't your system. If others aren't, then it's probably something about your system, I don't know what. What the best way to investigate is, aside from asking other Hulu users for comments, I'm not sure. One thing I would do is try Firefox and see if the problem persists.

When problems occur, it is important to have a nonChrome based browser available to see how it responds.

I don't recall if this was discussed but have you rebooted since the problem started? if not, do that first.


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I do have sighted help but not because I live with someone. I rely pretty heavily on the Microsoft disability answer desk when I face issues like this. Ironically, they didn’t see those things on my screen on the site but the Hulu agent tried to see if it did it on his end and it didn’t. He was able to see all available content. I just don’t get it. I think the first course of action will most likely be reaching out to the disability answer desk to see if my Chrome’s up to date or not and then I’ll go from there. It’ll be a real blessing if that’s what caused it.

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