Re: sudden changes to Hulu's website


The way to turn browse mode off in NVDA is NVDA key space bar. You turn it on with the same command.

You can see if that helps or works. With browse mode off, you are interacting directly with the page and I would think that if that works in JAWS, I would think there would be a reasonable chance it would work with NVDA.

In my earlier message, I said that I thought in many cases, there wouldn't be a correlation between what a sighted person sees and identifying accessibility problems in that way. it appears in this case, you can tell.


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Ame, I have some insight to the Hulu access. I use jaws, but with the virtual cursor on, I can confirm that what you’re seeing here is the same thing I am. However, if I turn the virtual cursor off, I am able to press enter on things like my stuff, TV shows, etc., and explore things within those menus. The reason I thought to turn the virtual PC cursor off, is that Jaws is announcing these items as menus. I hope this helps, and if there’s a way to do something similar in NVDA, you’ll get this.

On Dec 8, 2020, at 3:02 PM, Ame <abk043@...> wrote:

I do have sighted help but not because I live with someone. I rely pretty heavily on the Microsoft disability answer desk when I face issues like this. Ironically, they didn’t see those things on my screen on the site but the Hulu agent tried to see if it did it on his end and it didn’t. He was able to see all available content. I just don’t get it. I think the first course of action will most likely be reaching out to the disability answer desk to see if my Chrome’s up to date or not and then I’ll go from there. It’ll be a real blessing if that’s what caused it.


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