Re: sudden changes to Hulu's website


True, a lot of the market seems to be going that way but not everyone wants to be on apps.

On 9/12/2020 12:45 pm, g melconian wrote:

They probably want you to be on there mobile apps  whether that be I os or android .  that’s   where  they make most of  their profits from. 


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Sent: Tuesday, December 8, 2020 3:44 PM
Subject: Re: [nvda] sudden changes to Hulu's website


Well, this is no bug.  I was told by a chat agent that NVDA is no longer supported by Hulu.  That’s absolutely ridiculous.  I have NVDA because I can’t afford jaws,  Window eyes or any of the other commercial screen readers.  I can access Hulu’s content with narrator but it’s so clumsy as I said.  There’s no reason for them to do that.  I wonder who I could approach about getting them to reinstate support for NVDA.  Like I said, up till last Thursday afternoon, I never had a single problem navigating the site or accessing content.  The change was very sudden.  I’m beyond furious. 

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