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Quentin Christensen

There have been issues on and off with formatting in Excel (well reading the formatting at least).

My understanding of how things work at present:
- If you have NVDA's document formatting (NVDA+control+d) set to report changes in font / colour etc, these are read out.
- If you press NVDA+f on a cell, NVDA reports "No caret".
- If you press F2 to edit a cell and immediately press NVDA+f (with the focus at the end of the text), nvda reads "No formatting information".
- If you press F2 to edit a cell and then press left arrow to move before the last character, then press NVDA+f, NVDA WILL read the formatting information.

Here are a couple of our issues on it:

(I must go through and check the differences between those)

The issue Brian mentioned about formatting information not being read in the cell format dialog (CONTROL+1) is a slightly different issue, it just coincidentally happens to be particularly noticeable on the formatting dialog.  The issue is that NVDA can't read selected text in those edit boxes - and when you tab to any of those edit boxes, the text in the box you land on is selected.  If you press an arrow key to unselect the text and then press NVDA+up arrow (or NVDA+l), NVDA will read the name of the font, or other information in the edit.

As always, if you can add any extra information to any of those issues, please do comment on the issues, as it will prompt people to look at them again.

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On Tue, Dec 8, 2020 at 4:23 AM Carlos Esteban Martínez Macías via <> wrote:

Hi all.

In Excel, NVDA go to read the format when the focus is on the cell with NVDA]shift]f, NVDA]f is when the cursor is in the edit box of the cell, because in NVDA 2020.3 the command NVDA]f now say the format in the system cursor, and NVDA]shift]f of the review cursor.

And yes, NVDA have problems in the dialog fond that Bryan mentioned, other users of Spanish community also report it.




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Just for the record, it's also behaving similarly in Excel 2016.  What's even stranger is if you bring up the Font dialog via CTRL+SHIFT+F it's reporting the font name and style (probably size, too, but I stopped after the first two) as blank when there is clearly a font name and regular in the respective boxes.
There is an active issue open for this on GitHub:  Font information not read in Cell Format dialog in Excel 2016 / 365
If you have a GitHub account, you may wish to add a comment.  I just did because I'm having the same issues you're having.

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