Re: NVDA goes silent when arrowing down the list of participants panel in Zoom

Bob Cavanaugh <cavbob1993@...>

Okay, now that my meeting is over I can give more detail.
In Zoom, open the participants panel, and hit your down arrow. It
reads the first six participants normally, then does not read anymore,
I waited a couple seconds before pressing the arrow key to make sure
there was no delay. If you keep pressing down arrow and there are only
about a dozen participants as there were in my meeting tonight, you
will soon loop back to the top of the list, and NVDA exhibits the same
behavior. If you press your up arrow once, then press down arrow
again, NVDA reads both participants encountered, but pressing down
arrow a second time gives silence.
To give a clearer example, let's say there are 15 participants in a
meeting, as there were in mine tonight. I opened the participant
panel, and saw that my name was at the top. I pressed down arrow five
times, landing on the sixth participant in the list with no problem. I
press down arrow again to navigate to the seventh participant, NVDA
does not say a word. I press up arrow once, NVDA reads the name of the
sixth participant again. I then press down arrow again, and it reads
the seventh participant as expected. I then press down arrow to move
to the eighth participant, which NVDA does not read. If I continue to
press down arrow, NVDA continues to be silent, until it loops back to
the top of the list, where as mentioned above, it reads the first six
participants. If however I press my up arrow here, it reads the
previous five participants, then goes silent until it gets to the
bottom of the list, where just like the down arrow at the top of the
list, it reads the bottom six. Using your down arrow after the up
arrow has gone silent also reads the next five. I hope this makes

On 12/8/20, Bob Cavanaugh via <> wrote:
I am in a Zoom meeting right now, and can confirm that NVDA does not
speak when arrowing down after six participants. Interestingly, if you
go to the bottom of the list and use your up arrow, the same thing
happens. I waited several seconds before pressing the arrow key again,
and NVDA never spoke.

On 12/2/20, Gene <> wrote:
When testing a problem like this, it may be helpful to test for such

Assuming that something is or isn't happening may lead to an incorrect
description of a problem.

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From: Bob Cavanaugh
Sent: Wednesday, December 02, 2020 11:56 PM
Subject: Re: [nvda] NVDA goes silent when arrowing down the list of
participants panel in Zoom

Nor have I done much testing with this, as I'm usually trying to focus
on the meeting I'm attending, but I do not expect my screen reader, no
matter what it is, to suddenly be delayed by several seconds after
arrowing down a half a dozen times with no problem whatsoever. I may
have a meeting on Saturday, so I will play around with this if that
meeting happens.

On 12/2/20, Gene <> wrote:
How long do you wait before deciding that nothing will be read? The
meetings I attend generally don't have a lot of attendees. Generally
something like eight or ten. If I down arrow a lot of times, speech is
delayed, I didn't play with this much because I wanted to hear what was
going on in the meeting, but it seemed to me that in perhaps ten


would hear something.

It might help those analyzing the problem if they knew if speech stops


very delayed. I didn't do enough testing to know on my machine. I may

I attend another meeting.

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From: Sim Kah Yong
Sent: Wednesday, December 02, 2020 8:36 PM
Subject: Re: [nvda] NVDA goes silent when arrowing down the list of
participants panel in Zoom


I tried the read current line or the read the current line of the
navigation object and NVDA reads to me when I encounter the problem.
This is just a work-around, how nice if a solution can be found for
this. Thanks.

On 11/30/2020 11:07 AM, Gene wrote:
What happens if you down arrow and when speech stops, read the current
line. You can also try reading the current line of the navigator
in the desktop layout, numpad 8. I don't know the laptop layout. You

not hear anything but if this combination allows you to hear the names

you move, that may be a work around that is reasonable for now.

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Subject: Re: [nvda] NVDA goes silent when arrowing down the list of
participants panel in Zoom

Hello Bob. Just curious, does SA have that problem? System Access I

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From: [] On Behalf Of Bob
Sent: Sunday, November 29, 2020 6:09 PM
Subject: Re: [nvda] NVDA goes silent when arrowing down the list of
participants panel in Zoom

I have this issue too. What I've found to work is to hit your up arrow
when you get to the point where it goes silent, then your down arrow
again. That helps for a brief time, then you have to repeat that
again. I agree, kind of annoying. I'm also having two additional issues
with NVDA not reading things properly in Zoom:
1. When typing anything in Zoom and you type something wrong, NVDA does
not read what you backspace. It reads if you type things normally, but

you try to review or correct an error, it will not read.
2. If you're in a meeting that initially isn't being recorded, then the
host starts recording, NVDA does not read the alert that tells you that
the meeting is now being recorded.

On 11/29/20, Sim Kah Yong <> wrote:
Hi all,

Wish to report the above problem when using NVDA in Zoom. IN a zoom
meeting, if I wish to find out the list of participants, I will press
alt + U to call out the participants panel. I will then arrow down the
list. After severl down arrow, NVDA will stop speaking.

I am using the latest version of NVDA, Zoom enhancement app and Zoom.
This problem has been there even with the older version of NVDA and
Zoom. I am using Windows 8.1. I have tried the following with no

1. Wit no apps

2. restart NVDA

3. Re-boot my computer.

Just wish to find out if any of you have similar problem and what can
be done? Perhaps this can help to improve future version of NVDA.

I have also use JAWS and this has not been a problem. Thanks all.

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