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That’s  true. 


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On Tue, Dec 8, 2020 at 10:24 PM, Brian Vogel wrote:

And for those who were formerly sighted and were former "point and clickers," they instantly know what the "to keyboard" translation is.

. . . somehow I deleted, "after being told, usually once, what those equivalent keyboard shortcuts/actions are."  It's not something I've seen most computer users, blind or sighted, agonize over.  You learn how to do what it is, in the way you need to do it, to achieve a result.  

I've seen a lot, lot, lot, more clueless sighted people about how things are done using the keyboard as the access method than I've met blind individuals who don't know exactly how to follow sighted directions doing their own "to keyboard" translations on the fly.  They'd be cutting themselves off from the vast majority of documentation that's available in this world were they not prepared to do so.

I've also encountered about as many computer users, sighted or blind, who've never been taught or learned "what controls what."  By that I mean what commands are handled by the operating system, versus their screen reader (when it's a screen reader user), versus the application program they're using.  That's something I actually try to teach people to think about every time they hit a stumbling block.  You can't move forward unless you know which level of interaction is where that stumbling block lies.  And it's generally not all that hard to figure out once you get used to doing it when required.

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