Re: Trying to build NVDA from source using the directions I found on GitHub and having problems with liblouis


Hi all,

Apart from directing folks there, the real issue (based on the SCons output) is incomplete build environment – to build liblouis.dll, you must install Clang and the path must be added by Clang installer (you must do this while installing Visual Studio 2019 Community or above).




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Subject: Re: [nvda] Trying to build nvda fr9om source using the directons I found on github and having problems with libluies



          I suggest you try asking about this on the NVDA Screen Reader Development Group:

This list is provided for discussion about development for the NVDA (NonVisual Desktop Access) screen reading software. This includes questions and discussion about the code, user experience, design and documentation, both between regular developers and new or potential developers.

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