Re: Spellcheck: How do I read the misspelled word in context?


Hi Ann

Try these two methods and see which works for you.

1. When you find a word in the spell check pain and you need to know the
context, use Shift + F6 to cycle back to the document pain. You should find
yourself on the line where the error has been detected. Move your cursor to
the error and use the Applications key (or Shift + F10) to choose from a
list of suggestions or you can correct manually. Press F6 to cycle forward
to the spell check pain and continue as normal. Note that you typically need
to hit "Resume" to find the next error.

2. From the top of the document, activate Browse mode by using the toggle
NVDA + Space. Then, simply press W to move to the next misspelled word or
Shift + W to move to the previous. Hit the Applications key to view a list
of corrections. Note that you must toggle back to Focus mode if you want to
correct manually with NVDA + Space, and return to Browse mode to continue
the process. Further, this method will only find misspelled words and will
not identify grammatical errors.

Hope this helps!

All the best.


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when checking a document for spelling, how do I get NVDA to read the
sentence the word belongs to? Advanced versions of Word do offer their own
solution, but in 2013 there is no external voicing of the sentence.

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